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Are Metal Roofs Loud When It Rains? What Loganville, GA Residents Should Know

For years, metal roofing was something solely for barns, carports, and other uninhabited spaces. However, the material's durability, versatility, and long lifespan make it a popular roofing option for homes and businesses throughout Loganville and the surrounding communities. Still, people often ask, "Are metal roofs loud when it rains?"

Galian Roofing is Loganville's highly-rated roofing company specializing in metal roofing. Their team has years of experience upgrading residential and commercial properties with durable metal roofing and outstanding craftsmanship. See what they say about metal roof rain sounds in the post below.

What to Know About the Noise Level of Metal Roofs During Rainfall in Loganville

A common misconception about metal roofs is that the material and structure are all the same. The type of metal you'd put over a barn isn't the same material or system you'd install over your home. The noise a metal roof makes during a rainstorm will depend on the building, the roofing system, and the roofing material. 

It's not unusual to hear rain on a roof, even if it doesn't have a metal surface. Still, overly noisy environments could be disturbing and cause problems with rest, sleep, concentration, and daily activities. Over time, the noise could lead to stress and annoyance. 

For many, it's surprising to learn that a metal roof over a home or business in Loganville won't produce as much noise in the rain as one would assume. So, are metal roofs loud when it rains? Keep reading to find out. 

Why People Think the Sound of Rain on Metal Roofs Is Loud

Rain pounding on some metal roofs can create loud noises. Metal roofs over barns and sheds are durable. Yet, since the buildings aren't inhabited daily, the roofing systems lack decking and insulation. 

As a result, the noise from rain hitting the bare metal sheeting is loud and reverberates around the area, making the sound seem louder. Considering the need for durable roofing to protect the contents of a barn or shed in agricultural settings, the noise isn't a big deal to most property owners. 

Unfortunately, the sound of barn roofs in the rain is why people assume metal roofs for homes and businesses are excessively noisy in rainstorms. The good news is that modern metal roofing systems and installation methods remedy that problem.

Acoustic Properties of Metal Roofing in Rain

The acceptable noise level for people is around 55 to 60 decibels. However, the sound of rain quickly hitting metal roof decking could exceed 70 decibels, which creates poor acoustics in the building.

The problem with noise and metal roofing stems from reverberation. Reverberation is similar to an echo in that it plays with how long you hear a sound. Instead of repeating itself within a second or two like a typical echo, reverberation drags out a sound as it bounces off surfaces before fading. 

When rain hits an uncoated, uninsulated metal sheet, like the covering of a carport, the sound is loud and prolonged due to reverberation. Thankfully, reverberation and high decibels aren't a problem with modern metal roofing systems for residential and commercial properties.

Why Modern Metal Roofing Isn't as Loud As You Assume

The metal roofing available for houses and businesses throughout Loganville involves more than a simple sheet of metal nailed on a wooden frame or stud. Instead of having open frame concepts, modern metal roofing includes oriented strand board or plywood decking that it attaches to. The decking helps dampen rain noises on metal roofing.

The underlayment on residential and commercial roofing systems also lessens the noise from metal roofing in the rain. Underlayment could be extra insulation between the roofing material and decking or a layer of old shingles under the metal roof installation.

The entire roofing system works together to minimize noise. The sound of rain won't go away completely, but it will be negligible, not annoying.

Rain Noise on Metal Roofing vs. Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in Loganville and most of the country. When people ask, "Are metal roofs loud when it rains?" they often relate the sound of metal roofing to asphalt shingles. 

There's no mistaking that asphalt shingles are technically quieter in the rain than metal. Asphalt shingles produce around 46 decibels of noise, whereas metal roofing for a home or business is about 52 decibels. To compare, open frame metal roofing for barns and other uninsulated structures can range from 61 to 70 decibels. 

Though modern metal roofing is technically louder than asphalt shingles in the rain, the difference is negligible to humans. Most people can't differentiate between sounds less than eight decibels apart, so a well-installed metal roof can sound like an asphalt roof in the rain. 

What to Look For in Metal Roofing for Your Loganville Home or Business

If you want the best metal roofing for your property that generates the least noise during rainfall, consider installing a standing seam metal roof. This roofing system consists of a series of interlocking vertical metal panels with fasteners under the metal. Standing seam metal roofing usually has top-quality steel with a zinc or zinc and aluminum alloy coating. 

Stone-coated metal roofing is another option. Thick, textured metal panels are less likely to produce excessive noise than flat, smooth metal sheets. Coupled with a solid roof deck and underlayment, stone-coated metal roofing could effectively absorb sound from rainfall.

Embrace the Superior Qualities of Metal Roofing in Loganville with Galian Roofing

Are metal roofs loud when it rains? According to the experts at Galian Roofing, the impact of rain on metal roof noise is minimal. The low sound impact and the durability, attractiveness, and longevity of metal roofing are why residents of Loganville, Georgia embrace the material for their properties.

Galian Roofing is a leading licensed and insured roofing contractor serving the area. They boast experienced roofing contractors, top-tier construction, and personalized roofing solutions. With their expertise, they can recognize the signs of a roof leak and handle metal roofing design and installation. 

Contact Galian Roofing today for a free estimate.

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